An Administrator’s New Best Friend

Written by Kailene Coffin


Ok, fellow admin friends. Let’s chat. Our job is difficult! We keep the school running, do a lot of
behind-the-scenes oiling of gears, and poke fingers in the holes of the ship so that we can stay
afloat. Then, we finally crash land into a desert island called summer when we look back on our
trek of a year and tell ourselves, “Next year I’m going to do (fill in the blank) differently” or a
combination of “Gosh, we made it!” and “School is almost about to start again!”

As you all know, as soon as we land, we are already preparing for the next trip and beginning the preparations.
One of the first things that come to mind is my teachers, my crew mates, and my fellow laborers.

How can I support them better?

I wish I would have gotten into their classrooms more often, and I wish I could have been a better mentor.

Is this you? It’s definitely been me!

Well guess what, I not only propose a problem, but I have a solution. Get help! Okay, yeah you may think that is
easier said than done, but it’s actually way easier than you think!

  • Do you want personalized feedback and training for each of your teachers?
  • Advanced training for your long-term teachers to help them continue to grow?

Friends, I have the answer to that! The best help that I have received and now my school utilizes every year is the coaching and training that Branching Out offers. They come to you to coach and mentor your teachers, offer diverse and advanced training, and have coaching courses for your teacher leaders and us administrators. If you want
a way to support your teachers with quality and like-minded people, try outsourcing some of
your coaching and training.

I promise your teachers will be inspired and will grow. So as you prepare for your next voyage, use Branching Out to equip your teachers so that next year, you will be able to look back and know that your teachers were empowered, supported, and delivered quality instruction to your students.